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Would a wired Plantronics USB-C headset, e.g. Blackwire C3220 or 5220, work with a mobile phone that requires a USB-C headset, e.g. Samsung Galaxy S20? Would the same headset work plugged into a USB-C port on a laptop running Windows 10? How about a laptop running Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)? I'm hoping one headset can cover my three use-cases!

Voyager Focus UC. Keep the focus on your conversation, not background noise, with the sophisticated noise canceling and immersive stereo sound of the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Stereo Bluetooth headset.
Apr 09, 2015 · While wearing the headset, you press the Call button and if you get a talk-time voice alert, the sensors are working; but if you get a tone, they need to be reset. To reset them, you must charge...
I'm not very technical but I'll try to explain this the best I can. Yesterday my assistant and I got new IP phones from Comcast. They are both VVX400 but that's all I know about them. We both have headsets that are on the compatible list for those phones (they are Plantronics HW251Ns) but they aren't working.
Check out the new Plantronics CS540 wireless headset. If you're not sure which Plantronics headset is compatible with your telephone, use our Plantronics headset compatibility Guide or Jabra compatibility (or call us for assistance). For quantities 3 or more, call for additional Volume Discount.
Step-1) You can start with your headset powered OFF. And locate the Power button (see image above) Step-2) Now Press and Hold the Power button for 5 to 6 seconds or until the light starts flashing an alternating red-blue. Step-3) Release the Power button and keep the headphone aside.
Plantronics Supra Plus HW251 is a wired headset and it is plug and play on Yealink phones. But in practice, users may come a cross with one-way audio issue. Here are the original words from customer: “I have a question regarding the use of a headset. I own a T48G and just purchased a Plantronics Supra Plus HW251 along with a Plantronics U10P cable.
my test with the current setup (phone + Plantronics headset connected on the handset port of the cisco ipphone) fails. connecting plantronics to the headset port and keep the handset of the phone on the handset port, headset do not work, it should be connected to the handset port of the phone. what shall i do because i have a large number of ...
Plantronics offers many types of Bluetooth headsets for use with your Bluetooth enabled computer, PDA or phone. The two devices must be paired before they work together. If you experience connectivity or poor reception issues or if your phone doesn't recognize your device, you may be able to resolve the situation by resetting your headset.
Aug 20, 2019 · The Poly/Plantronics RIG 700HX (for some reason, the company decided to use its older branding with this headset) is a genuinely competent bit of kit, offering rich and detailed sound that’s ...
May 05, 2016 · The default A works for most phones – but not always. Fine tune the Savi W740 headset volume level with the headset call control button. If the wireless headset volume is still too low, adjust the desk phone listening volume on the base. Q. My Plantronics Savi W740 sound is distorted, what do I do? A. Try any of the following:
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  • Aug 21, 2019 · 1. The Plantronics CS540 or C054 is not a Bluetooth headset and will not connect to a mobile phone or computer via Bluetooth. The CS540 is a DECT headset. Learn the difference between a DECT and Bluetooth headset.
  • After that do a swap test: Find a headset that works and try the new headset on a known-working phone. I can also give the generic answer here: Try updating the phone firmware. If you connect a known working and compatible headset, press the headset button, and don't get audio on the headset port it is either a phone firmware or hardware defect.
  • Plantronics offers many types of Bluetooth headsets for use with your Bluetooth enabled computer, PDA or phone. The two devices must be paired before they work together. If you experience connectivity or poor reception issues or if your phone doesn't recognize your device, you may be able to resolve the situation by resetting your headset.
  • Whether you're on a desk phone, smartphone or computer, Plantronics Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series Bluetooth® headsets make it easy to do more. You can even listen to music between calls. Power up productivity with outstanding audio, freedom and flexibility. ... 5 Steps to Choosing Poly Headsets for Remote Working.
  • Phones, Cameras & Electronics > Phones & Accessories > Office Phone Accessories. Plantronics S12 Telephone Headset System, Silver (65145-03) Price unavailable.

Conference in up to three additional headsets for enhanced collaboration; Use with Electronic Hookswitch Cable or Handset; Lifter to remotely answer/end calls; Specifications. Connects to desk phone; 7 hours of talk time; Wireless frequency, DECT 6.0, range up to 350 feet; Headset weight, 21 grams; Audio performance, narrowband or wideband to ...

From your phone select: Menu-> Settings-> Basic-> Preferences->Headset-> Analog Headset Mode or Electronic Hook Switch Mode Scroll Down to Plantronics Mode, and then press Select - Press Menu to return to the idle display Once you activate the port, you may plug the EHS cable into your phone and headset base. That's all you have to do.Whether your Plantronics wireless headset has static, no longer turns on or all of a sudden stopped working, scroll down and find the model of Plantronics headset and follow the reset guide. This should help get your Plantronics headset working again! If not, contact us and we'd be happy to help. Other helpful wireless office headset reset guides
Option B: CS540 With a Headset Port on Your Telephone. B-1) Plug the Telephone Interface Cable into the headset port (usually located on the bottom of the phone). You’re Done! To make a call, push the button on the side of the CS540 headset to turn the headset on. Press an available line button or your phone or “Headset Button” if available. Now you can focus on what you’re saying—not where you’re saying it. Control by Command. Stay in control. Make the Voyager 5200 UC an extension of your mobile life. With one touch, the headset connects with Siri, Google Now, or Cortana so you can call phone contacts, send messages, schedule meetings, or even search the web - all via voice.

Mar 25, 2020 · For users experiencing connectivity and audio problems, resetting the Bluetooth connection may be necessary. Delete the headset from the phone's list of paired devices, and turn the phone off and on again. Re-pair the headset with the mobile device to complete the connection reset. The procedure is the same for all headset models.

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Apr 03, 2020 · The headset also maintains a great connection even when the phone is inside a pocket. The carrying case holds a micro-USB cable and a Bluetooth dongle, which is perfect for your home PC. Not only does the case feel sturdy, but it's also the perfect place to store your headset when it's not in use.